HV Capacitor Bank shall be designed in CRCA/steel sheet enclosure.The Capacitor Bank shall be designed for outdoor & indoor installation.The capacitors shall be able to carry continuously 1.3 times the rated current and 1.1 times the maximum system voltage.


  • As per IS: Non Self Healing Type, 13925part – I/1998/IEC Standard

Rated Output

  • 80 MVAR & Max

Voltage Range

  • 3.3 Kv To 40 Kv


  • Power factor improvement

  • Harmonic Filter

  • All Polypropylene (APP) Film Dielectric Consist Of Polypropylene In The Form Of Biaxial Oriented Film, Hazy On Both Sides

  • Voltage Regulation

  • Reducing Line Losses

  • High Dielectric Strength

  • Easy Handling & Suitable Mounting

  • Outdoor/Indoor Type


  • Induction Furnace

  • Induction Motor

  • Power Transformer

  • Power Plant

  • Cement Industries

  • Nuclear Power Plant

  • Utility Companies